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  Apparatus engineering with special materials
and stainless steels
Tantalum - titanium - zirconium - nickel and nickel-based alloys - copper - molybdenum - stainless steels
Pressure Equipment Directive 
97 / 23 / EC
HP 0, TRR 100, HP 100 R
DIN EN ISO 3834-2 
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
SAFETY Quality License, China
ASME authorisation (U, U2, R-Stamp)
Specialised company 
of Water Supply Law
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as of: 28.12.2014
Manufacturing methods and available technology

Cutting to size (flame-cutting, sawing, cutting)
Cutting to size is performed using plasma torches and
by means of a water jet cutting unit. Furthermore, band
saws, hacksaws and mitre saws are used in addition to hydraulic plate shears and plate and manual guillotine shears.

Shaping (bending, chamfering, rolling)
The components are shaped using a quadruple roller bending machine (diameter up to 2500 mm over a length
of 3 m), a hydraulic and a manual chamfering bench and
with a press and a spindle press. Furthermore, a tube
rolling device, a beading machine and rounding machines
(roller diameter 50, 80, 100 mm) are used for shaping.

Mechanical processing
(turning, drilling, milling, filing and grinding)

Various different lathes, box column drills and bench drills
are used, in addition to belt grinding, spherical grinding
and spherical filing machines

The centrepiece is the modular-construction highest-purity gas welding chamber, where high-purity argon or helium
and inert gas mixtures are used. Furthermore, welding devices designed for the different materials, products and requirements are employed

(CINION CARBIDE welding device, LN welding machine,
L-TEC-TIG 400 DC welding device, spot welding device,
REHM 330 DC welding devices, REHM 400 AC/DC digital
welding device and “Gronius” welding devices).

Surface finishing
Container grinding machines (up to 2000 mm in diameter
and 1.5 mm in length are used among other equipment.
Surface finishing comprises grinding of bases of all shapes
and agitators, polishing of surfaces (mirror polishing),
electropolishing of titanium units, well barrel finishing of pharmaceutical installations, granulate polishing, pickling
and passivating and nitration of pharmaceutical tools.

Assembly is performed using slewing and tilting devices,
several welding slewing devices, clamping tables, dressing
plates, by means of a tube fixing device and a crane unit of
up to 5 t.

Preservation, packaging and dispatch

In conjunction with competent cooperation partners, we perform:
- laser and water jet cutting
- plasma torch cutting
- glass bead blasting and electropolishing
- pickling, insulating and special coatings

(our manufacturing parameters)