ASE Apparatebau GmbH
Schulstraße 63
09125 Chemnitz
Tel.: +49(0)371 52081-10
  Apparatus engineering with special materials
and stainless steels
Tantalum - titanium - zirconium - nickel and nickel-based alloys - copper - molybdenum - stainless steels
Pressure Equipment Directive 
97 / 23 / EC
HP 0, TRR 100, HP 100 R
DIN EN ISO 3834-2 
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
SAFETY Quality License, China
ASME authorisation (U, U2, R-Stamp)
Specialised company 
of Water Supply Law
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as of: 28.12.2014
A company with a tradition ...
  .... is the image that ASE Apparatebau GmbH wishes to convey at
the GERMANIA business and industrial estate on Schulstraße 63
in Chemnitz , where our company has been established since it
was founded in 1997.
As specialists for “apparatus engineering with special materials”,
ASE continues the know-how and tradition of HERAEUS Elektro-
chemie GmbH, Hanau and GERMANIA Chemnitz GmbH, “special materials” business sector and has developed into an innovative company operating successfully on the international market.

High pressures – rapid temperature changes – aggressive media ...
we build apparatus and components for extreme stresses.
The apparatus and components can be executed in solid, loosely
lined or explosion-proof plated construction. The centrepiece of our production is the highest-purity gas welding chamber in modular construction with a possible overall length of 6 metres and a diameter
of one metre.
Argon (of 99.999% purity) or helium (99.996%) and inert gas mixtures
are used here. Local welding chambers are used for larger products

The central focus of our quality policy is customer satisfaction and
safety and reliability, in addition to availability of our products.
Several research projects have been realised during the past few
years in conjunction with partners as further development of the
acquired HERAEUS and GERMANIA know-how.

Germina business and industrial estate in Chemnitz

Highest-purity gas welding chamber